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    Don’t Lie

    This should seem like something so well-known to your heart I don’t have to mention it, but come on… everyone lies. Whether it’s telling your aunt you really love her chocolate pudding when it’s terrible or telling your parents you did your homework when it’s sitting in your bookbag and you’re really planning to do it in the morning, we all lie. It doesn’t mean it’s ok. It doesn’t mean we should. But we need to acknowledge the problem.

    What, then, is the solution? Honesty. Now, I’m not saying we should be brutally honest to the point that we make Aunt Miriam cry because her chocolate pudding is so bad we want to collect her recipe and burn it so she can never make it again. But, we can be honest and tell her while we appreciate her sharing it, we’re not sure it’s to our taste. As for the homework. Well. Do your homework.

    I think a lot of the time we default to lying because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. It’s an admirable goal with a less than admirable method. So, don’t lie to the people you love. Instead, find constructive ways to communicate what you feel and thus build better relationships on trust and understanding.

    — 10 months ago

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    "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

    "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

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    Don’t Close the Door

    Sorry for being absent for a bit. Life and all. Where were we…. ah, yes. Don’t close the door. This one is near and dear to my heart because I’ve been through this a few times in my life. You know how it goes. You have this friend, and you’re so unbelievably close that you can’t imagine your life without them, and then someone new steps in, be it a boy or a new friend, and that relationship you had is suddenly severed.

    You call them. You text them. You Facebook them. Not stalker-like, of course, but occasionally you drop a line to remind them you love them, you miss them, you can’t wait to see them. But as time drags on you get to this point where you realize they’re not returning your calls, texts, or messages, and you have to make a choice. Do you hold on to this relationship or do you let it go? Recently, I had to let one go.

    But that doesn’t mean I close the door. There’s a big difference between letting someone go and closing yourself off to that person forever. Take a friend of mine, Jill. We were incredibly close friends for two years and then she dropped off the planet for me. I let her go. Two years later she reached out to me, wanting to reconnect, and we’re closer than ever. By leaving the door open, but letting her go, I gave myself the peace of knowing I’d done all I could do, and yet I also knew I didn’t let it make me bitter. I didn’t hold a grudge. I left that door open and it was awesome the day Jill came back through.

    Get the point? Yeah, I thought you did.

    — 10 months ago

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    "A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." - Lou Holtz

    "A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." - Lou Holtz

    — 1 year ago

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    I’m terrible at unplugging. I tend to keep my personal phone, work phone and iPad with me at all times. I am prepared to answer any message from a friend without delay, respond to any work request with lickity speed and play Flow in between. It’s terrible, really, how we’ve all turned into these technologically charged zombies.

    Last week you may have noticed a lack of updates from me. That’s because I was forced to unplug. While at the Grand Canyon with my husband and father we had no service. Our room had no internet, and the canyon certainly didn’t, and we couldn’t text or call anyone. We had to set meeting times with my father since we couldn’t communicate, and it was probably one of the best weeks in a really long time.

    Why is it good to unplug? Because when you’re not looking at your phone every twelve seconds you can more easily enjoy the NOW. So, if you’re out to dinner with friends, or your parents, even, put down the phone. Not kidding. Put it down. Your buddies who aren’t there can wait. The people you’re with now deserve your love and attention to the fullest. Don’t deny them that because you’re too busy being a technology zombie. Trust me, it make the experience all the richer!

    — 1 year ago

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    Sibling Loverly

    I have a little brother, and growing up, we had our fights. I used to kick him where a lady should never kick a boy and he would punch me in the back when I was sitting unsuspecting at my computer. Oh, yes, we had our “outs” as they say, but there was one day when he totally had my back, and I think about it constantly because it reminds me that though we might fight with our siblings, we might want to punch them, we might wish they would stay out of our room and let us sleep in and stay away from our phones… we’re blessed to have them.

    I was 16, and a family member had a particularly rough day. Rather than channel their aggression into something constructive, they took it out on me. They yelled and they spoke hurtful words, and when I finally got to my room I sat down on the bed struggling not to cry because I knew the walls were thin and I feared more harsh words if they heard me. My back was to the door when it opened, but out of my periphery I could see my little brother. Of course, my first thought was, “Now what?” Then, he did something that completely surprised me. The 13-year-old sat down beside me on the bed, wrapped his arms around me and said, “You didn’t deserve that.”

    It’s one of the most impactful moments of our relationship, and I think of it all the time. My little brother and I had our times where we could not stand each other, but I am really glad I have him.

    If you have a brother or sister you’ve been a bit short with this week, take some time to wrap your arms around them and assure them despite your differences, you really love them and you’re there for them. Trust me, it’ll mean the world!

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    Buckle your seatbelts, friends. This one is a hard one, but one I think we need to discuss. Whether it’s a pet, a friend, a grandparent, an aunt/uncle or even a parent or sibling, we’ve all lost someone. There’s someone we loved who has passed on from this life, and sometimes we feel left behind, like we can’t move forward without that person there to give us advice, or to call us on our birthday, or to be a part of every memory we make.

    I’ve been losing people since I was a little girl. It wasn’t a year of my childhood if I didn’t attend at least a few funerals. When you lose someone who you love, it’s the hardest thing to imagine life moving on without them, but they wouldn’t want you to wallow. They wouldn’t want you to spend the rest of your life mourning. Yes, it’s perfectly ok to be angry, and hurt, and sad, and to cry and mourn. All that is completely natural, but one of the most amazing things you could do in their honor is to make new memories.

    If you’ve recently lost someone, you know how easy it is to stay in all day looking at old photos weeping and mourning what you’ve lost. There’s no one who can replace that person who’s exited your life, but when you’re ready, you need to get back out there in the sun and not locked away in your room, because that is what they would want for you. They want you to do amazing things with your life, and to be joyful and to find peace and happiness and all that’s good.

    It’s hard to work through the hurt, but you can do it. You are stronger than you know, and you are going to make them so proud with the life you live.

    — 1 year ago

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    The New Guy/Gal

    It can be intimidating walking into a room of strangers. Last night I knew a few people in the room at a read-through for a theater production, but just a few hours earlier I met two young ladies at our Sunday Youth Group who didn’t know anyone but each other. The sisters had never come to our program before, had never met anyone there before, and were home-schooled so their pool of friends was already limited. What did I do? What I’ve been doing since I was a little girl.

    I remember being seven or eight when a teacher pulled me away from playing because a younger girl, who had just come to the school, was sitting alone on top of one of the picnic benches during recess. I really wanted to just keep playing and having a good time, but I felt it was my duty to play with that other little girl, and I built a really nice friendship with her.

    Last night I did the same thing for those two girls I’d never met, who didn’t know anyone else. I went over and talked to them. I introduced them to other people and got them talking about common interests until they didn’t need me to guide the conversation anymore. They were a part of the table, and a part of the fun, and after 20 short minutes no longer on the outside as much.

    That’s what we all need to do for that new guy/gal. Not everyone’s going to come in excited about being in a room full of strangers. Some need a person to come along side them and help show them the ropes until they get comfortable. Make an effort to be that guy/gal, because someday it could be you, and you know you’d wish someone would do it for you!

    — 1 year ago

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    We Are Strong, Not Invincible.

    There’s this belief in society that those who are strong are impervious somehow to frustration, heartache or taint. It’s one of the worse kinds of lies because it perpetuates despite the studies, the cries of the hurting, and the truth that most people who are strong weren’t born that way. We earned our stripes. We learned how to endure because that was our only option. Yet, people think because we’re strong we should automatically handle more and more and more.

    So, if you see someone in your life who’s known as the “strong one” or the “one who handles stress so well”, be that one person in the world who realizes that doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable. It doesn’t mean they don’t hurt. It just means they know how to muscle through it better.

    Take them aside. Buy them a smoothie. Do something to show them that they are appreciated, because let me tell you, being the strong one sucks sometimes. You have to carry everyone and everything, and a lot of it is self-inflicted because you believe you can’t let anyone down. So, when someone takes the time to acknowledge that strong person, it makes them feel like their hard work and continued effort is not in vain. Let them know it’s not in vain, because no one, not even the strong ones, should ever feel like they’re walking this life alone.

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    "All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all the troubles and obstacles have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you." - Walt Disney

    "All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all the troubles and obstacles have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you." - Walt Disney

    — 1 year ago

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